Candle Perfection provides the perfect centerpiece for romantic dinners on our patio, setting an inviting mood without any messy wax to clean up afterwards.
Cori B - Scottsdale, AZ, 10/21/2014
I never thought I'd be recommending candles but I used these refillable emergency candles during a recent monsoon storm that caused a power outage for several hours. They were so easy to use and they gave off more light than standard wax candles. Best of all, they are easy to store, refill and reuse in the next emergency.
Ron G - Glendale, AZ, 10/20/2014
I've purchased several candles in various sizes and would highly recommend everyone to consider these candles over any other product. You never have to worry about melting wax. They definitely bring a soothing mood and a good feeling to any room indoors or out. Totally worth the money!
Barb D - Charlotte, NC, 10/8/2014
I lost my daughter in an accident and chose one of your candle urns for her ashes. Being able to light the candle and meditate has helped me feel close to her during unspeakable times of sadness. Somehow just lighting the candle brings the memory of her smile back into focus through my tears of grief. Terry S.
Terri S - San Diego, CA, 10/3/2014